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Seven Clever Reasons Why Women Live Longer Than Men..

Logical research has demonstrated that ladies live longer than men. Including these inquires about depended on natural statistical data points. In any case, here some crazy occasions that demonstrate that men can put a full stop to their lives by taking part in brainless exercises.

We discover that “alert” is absent in these person’s lives and being associated with threat is their side interest.


Here we can see that there are three men outwardly of a window with a missing overhang. Two men are remaining on a stepping stool where the stepping stool is lying level on the little bond board while the fundamental saint is on the edge of the stepping stool fixing the open air unit of a forced air system.

The man fixing the unit is very quiet while his companions are watching him inquisitively. The stepping stool is steady so there is by all accounts no issue yet a little shakiness and three can finish up in the cemetery.


Two unmindful men appear to buckle down yet they are playing with peril. One man is hunching with a long rectangular tile on his back. While the other is cutting the tile with a wood sawing machine.

The entertaining piece is that neither of them are wearing goggles. However, they are idiotically demonstrating that men are huge blockheads in light of the fact that the sharp cutting tool can harm the hunching man. Neither of the individual is utilizing presence of mind that is the minor motivation behind why both of them could finish up in the clinic or more terrible!


In the thick backwoods a man wearing a handkerchief is up on a stepping stool completing his activity. The stepping stool is standing vertically upheld by the cutoff top of the tree. While the man is slicing the tree down the middle with a wooden cutting tool. The stepping stool is one spot in view of help from the pinnacle yet the man simply needs to take his life since he is sawing the upper portion of the tree which will make the stepping stool fall in reverse alongside the wooden log.

The man is doing his undertaking with such fixation that he is least made a fuss over his very own wellbeing. Shockingly he is part of the way through the tree!


Here we witness that because of absence of a long stepping stool three men make sense of a dangerous method to develop a house. One man is remaining on a midget stepping stool in a dodging position and the other individual is remaining on this present man’s back fixing a wooden board. While an alleged Spiderman has by one way or another figured out how to climb the wooden board and is helping the other from the contrary side. The wood doesn’t appear to be sufficiently able to hold up under the heaviness of a person.


This blue shirted man is remaining on a circular rec center ball weight lifting a major steel pole with colossal loads. The ball’s top surface is seen distorted with this tremendous weight. The exercise center constructor is helping the beginner man to accomplish this accomplishment.

The power of this occasion can be felt with the weight lifting man’s extending teeth. The ball is by all accounts in fixed position however it should roll and this development can result in the loss of two valuable lives.


Three men are pushing an enormous dark colored couch from the top story of a house and two men are seen remaining down to get the couch as though it was a ball.

The men standing up appear to be steadily sliding the couch on the railing. In any case, the couch is huge to the point that it can squash the two men remaining down like little bugs.

The majority of the insightful men have erred this whole movement and are prominent on causing a major mishap.

Security FIRST

A young man matured around 20 is seen welding a bit of metal on the ground. Which is ordinary yet rather than goggles he has put a shopping sack on face to shield his eyes from unsafe flashes. Much to his dismay that he is choking out himself and the flash is sufficiently able to enter through the shopping sack straight at him!

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