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Scientific Research has shown that Women Live Longer than men. Adding on these Researches were Based on Biological Facts and Figures..


Wearing shades a shirtless kid is on a floor brush stick in the midst of the air playing quidditch! It would appear that he has hopped from a window in light of the fact that on his back the window is open.

He is pointing straight for the pool underneath him however he can finish up on the edge of the little pool harming his face or his whole body. I trust he anticipates putting in some strong months in the clinic.

Stepping stools? WHO NEEDS THEM?

A youthful adolescent is seen remaining on the little edges of a divider introducing a light. The kid is uniformly adjusted yet a little fumble and he would finish up level on the staircase underneath him.

Incredibly! The kid is playing bazaar at an extraordinary stature with little experience.

Hello, WHAT’S UP?

Snow! It’s incredible to see you. A kid has his face out of a window and he is by all accounts seeing his neighbor or companion. This is very typical yet this kid is playing with death. Since there is a gathering of thistle molded ice drops above him and one is simply over his neck precisely at the middle.

On the off chance that the ice drop tumbles down it would puncture through his neck like a sharp knife. However, the youthful fellow is by all accounts unconscious that something is above him which could take his life in merely seconds.


A dedicated painter is seen standing, painting a divider yet he isn’t remaining on a story or a stepping stool yet a dainty wooden board that is upheld on three finishes by stepping stools of all size. Including to adjust legitimately one stepping stool has books over it with another wooden board directly over the books and this board is holding the inside board in position.

A case of white paint is directly beside this virtuoso painter. In the event that both of the stepping stool or board moves even a little it would be everywhere!


A vehicle is seen lifted at an inclining point by two metal poles while a repairman is welding the vehicle by sitting underneath it. This was presumably because of the nonattendance of a jack. Be that as it may, if these metal bars jerked because of the monstrous load of the vehicle.

The vehicle would pound down squishing the poor technician and removing his life and obviously the welding fire will invalidate his living possibilities causing a tremendous impact.


A link man is fixing the links by remaining on two unsteady snares of a stepping stool. This may have been done on the grounds that the stepping stool ran out on inches.

The man is as of now managing power and in the event that he fell because of a little misbalance. He may attempt to grasp onto the wires. Destroying! Out of this world


A man is seen advancing into a little vent. This could be an experience or only a brisk departure. Whatever it is the man surely doesn’t have the word wellbeing in his lexicon.

Since the unsafe gases in the vent can choke out him to death or perhaps he can be caught in the vent as he is by all accounts having a substantial figure.

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