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Common Food-Drug Interactions..

Ordinarily we get notification from our folks or a few older folks not to have grapefruit juice in the event that you are taking any cholesterol meds. This isn’t the main mix of sustenance and medications which ought to be kept away from, there are such huge numbers of different mixes as well. Grapefruit juice can respond with different meds as well and also numerous different nourishments can associate with medications as well. .


As per Plogsted, glycyrrhiza a characteristic fixing used to make dark licorice, it can lessen the potassium of the body and can build the sodium of the body. At the point when your body is drained of potassium, the action of digoxin, a drug which is utilized to treat heart disappointment, can be significantly higher, which can influence the heart beat rate also.

Glycyrrhiza can likewise diminish the viability of hypertension prescriptions. So individuals who used to take Coumadin® (warfarin) ought to be very much aware of the negative impacts of the Glycyrrhiza, as it can separate the medication and results in an expansion in the body’s thickening component. So one ought to maintain a strategic distance from the overabundance measure of characteristic licorice when taking such drugs.


“Grapefruit juice can cooperate with prescriptions from numerous points of view,” says Plogsted. One path is to build the retention of specific medications, this is the situation with some cholesterol-bringing down statins yet not with all kind of medications. MedinePlus prescribes you not to have grapefruit juice on the off chance that you are taking any kind of cholesterol bringing down drugs.

Grapefruit juice can likewise be the motivation to use medicates anomalous in your body, which can influence your blood levels and can increment or lower the typical blood dimensions of the medications. There are numerous different meds which can influence along these lines that incorporates antihistamines, pulse drugs, thyroid substitution drugs, conception prevention, stomach corrosive blocking drugs, and the hack suppressant dextromethorphan. So the most ideal approach to diminish such negative impacts on the body is to keep away from or lessen the admission of grapefruit juice when you are taking such meds.

Grapefruit juice can likewise make the body use sedates strangely, bringing about lower or higher than typical blood dimensions of the medication. Numerous meds are influenced thusly, including antihistamines, pulse drugs, thyroid substitution drugs, anti-conception medication, stomach corrosive blocking drugs, and the hack suppressant dextromethorphan. It’s best to stay away from or fundamentally decrease admission of grapefruit juice when taking these prescriptions.

Presently the inquiry which emerges in everybody’s brain is the reason just grapefruit juice has such negative impacts and no different citrus juices?

As indicated by Plogsted, grapefruit juice contains a class of mixes which are called as furanocoumarins, which respond in the body and changes the impacts of the drugs while squeezed orange and different citrus juices does not have such mixes which modify the attributes of these prescriptions yet there exists some worry for Serville oranges and the pummelo, which are the relatives of the grapefruit and act in like manner.


There are sure medications that make your blood thin like as Coumadin® (warfarin), it meddles with Vitamin K-subordinate coagulating factors. Admission of an excess of green verdant vegetables can diminish the capacity of blood thinners to anticipate thickening, as pretty much every green verdant vegetables are high in nutrient K yet that does not imply that you should quit eating all the green verdant vegetables.

The issue isn’t those vegetables, truth be told, the issue is the high admission of those vegetables as it can influence the body contrarily as it adjusts the attributes of the medication. So we ought to eat the vegetables yet in a reliable way.

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